Do you feel it? The universal shifts taking place in and all around you? While there are a number of interesting transits happening as we speak not to mention all of the Plutonian energy building towards tomorrow's supermoon in Scorpio, it all boils down to the most pivotal transit of the year. Also known as the Nodes of Fate, given their multidimensionality and karmic influence, the North Node + South Node officially entered the axis of Gemini-Sagittarius on Tuesday, May 5, after 1.5 years traveling through the axis Cancer-Capricorn. If you have personal planets in Cancer and/or Capricorn, give yourself a nice pat on the back — you f*cking did it! For those of you with personal placements in Gemini and/or Sagittarius, it's time to cross your t's and dot your i's, because this will be an incredibly significant time for you.

The North Node (similar to the North star) is where we're headed — personally and collectively — while the South Node represents what needs to be released. In other words, if the universe had a GPS, the Nodes of the Moon would be it. You, too, have a North and South Node in your birth chart, which ultimately plays a role in your soul karma and divine duty. (If you've ever had a reading with me, then you know exactly what I'm referring to.) In the case of Cancer-Capricorn, for example, this is the axis of the inner and outer world: Child + parent; dependency vs. self-sufficiency; what we consider home vs. political systems + structures. Since November 2018 until now, we have worked through the karma of this foundational axis as a collective, while confronting themes related to patriarchal systems versus our individual safety.

The North Node in Cancer enriched our relationship with Mother Earth + helped us build a solid foundation within ourselves, while the South Node destroyed toxic patriarchal systems that were detrimental to our safety + nurture. I mean, it really doesn't get more "Cancerian-like" than being stuck at home for the past two months, am I right? Ha. It evidently goes much deeper than this, but you get the picture. From May 2020 through January 2022, however, we will work collectively towards Gemini themes, while letting go of Sagittarian themes that no longer serve us, individually and as a whole. (For more context on how this could affect you personally, check where the axis of Gemini-Sagittarius is located on your birth chart.) Despite being the astrological axis of knowledge, Gemini and Sagittarius each process information differently, which is where things get interesting.

Gemini is the primitive mind while Sagittarius is the abstract mind. Gemini's knowledge is evidence-based while Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius searches far and wide, in order to explore different points of view. Gemini is your friendly neighborhood barista and Sagittarius is an exotic foreigner you met overseas. Another way to look at the dynamic between these two energies is, Gemini needs to see to believe, in order to fully process information. Sagittarius, on the other hand, expands its consciousness while embracing exotic concepts, and beliefs. Again, both of these zodiac archetypes are equally brilliant in their own way, but Sagittarius' blind faith in history & philosophy is about to be challenged by Gemini's insatiable curiosity and intellectual skepticism. And while each is equally "correct" in their own way, the North Node in Gemini will collectively open our minds to truths that have been right under our noses all along, while the South Node in Sagittarius destroys belief systems that have been stifling the possibility of a better world.

Have you ever questioned your teachers and gurus? Or the information written in the books you read? What about what the media tells you during the 7 o'clock news every night? Who on planet earth has the last word, anyway? The truth shall set you free but if everyone has a unique mind and perspective, where does that leave the truth? Welcome to the new age, star seeds. We're just getting started.

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