Just days after the Sun's shift into aggressive Aries, Professor Saturn — Father Time, Lord of Karma and the planet of structure, limits, and discipline — said "Goodbye for now" to Capricorn and entered socially conscious Aquarius for the first time in 26 years. Eccentric Aquarius is Saturn’s traditional sign of rulership, which means the taskmaster planet feels right at home when traveling through the sign of the water bearer. Saturn is also Capricorn’s planetary ruler, but it expresses itself differently while transiting through the airy realm of stellar Aquarius. For instance, in traditional Capricorn, Saturn is surrounded by land as firm as geographical boundaries; its cardinal earth is so dense it can make a diamond. In rebellious Aquarius, however, serious Saturn gazes towards the future, envisioning and hypothesizing, an alternative system for a better humanity. 

Innovative and futuristic, the last thing Aquarius wants is tradition. On the contrary, this fixed air sign is disruptive, independent, scientific, and idealistic. The water bearer’s crystal visions are eccentric and offbeat; its lightning-like insight tells the story of collective consciousness. The essence of Aquarius is a catalyst, electric and shocking, bringing forth progressive change and social movements. For instance, the last time Saturn was in Aquarius — 1991 through 1994 — the World Wide Web became available to the public. Really let that sink in. Remember, Saturn solidifies and restructures; Aquarius brings unexpected change that can affect the masses. (I wish I could insert the nostalgic sound of the Internet dial-up here — supergalactic is an understatement. A newer and brighter (Saturn in Aquarius) phase is now in session.

Greetings earthlings. Saturn has already made its official debut in Aquarius but it will re-enter Capricorn in July as it will retrograde in May, which means it won’t be back in Aquarius until December. With that being said, this Saturn transit is giving us a small preview of what we can expect from the taskmaster planet starting December 2020 through March 2023. Given Father Time’s traditional mindset and pragmatic nature, however, I’m pretty sure Saturn’s transit through Sci-Fi-loving Aquarius will bring structure, order, and “discipline” to the society’s relationship with technology. For instance, everything from our Wi-Fi connection to our social media channels will likely experience a Saturnian “malware scan” so to speak. Themes revolving around our privacy and security settings, while using the Internet, are also likely during this time.

Aside from the cliche technology-related themes, I dare to say, Saturn in Aquarius will also build a long-lasting foundation and/or system where eclectic professionals and new age lightworkers can work together to bring forth collective consciousness. Available to the masses, this “social movement” and “enlightened hierarchy” will be nothing short of revolutionary. Far-fetched and bizarre, it’s safe to say, Aquarius is equivalent to an episode of Netflix’s Stranger Things but with Saturn speaking under oath — given its “authoritative influence” —  aliens and Demogorgons could suddenly become the norm. Seen any UFOs lately? What about chemtrails? The truth is out there, y’all. Just wait and see for yourself.

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